How I Know Lost Aadhar Card Number of a Person? If They Lost It 2023

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So you might wondering for how i know lost aadhar card number of a person? right??? Well read this article carefully.

If you lost your adhar card, don’t worry; there are several ways to find it as well as its number. I’m here to help.

Therefore, this article is perfect for you because it will explain in full how to find someone’s lost Aadhar card number.

You will inform everyone about the complete online and offline procedure so that you can all get your Aadhaar cards as quickly as possible and benefit from it.

Finally, all of our readers who lost their Aadhaar cards and one whose mobile number was linked with it can receive their Aadhaar cards directly by clicking on this link:

Lost Aadhaar Cards – Overview

Topic How I Know Lost Aadhar Card Number of a Person?
Type Aadhar Card Finding or Creating
Who Can Apply?Every Indian Citizen who Lost his Aadhar Card.
How to Find?• Online Through Official Website
• Offiline Through Toll Free Number
Toll Free Number1947
Official Website

How I Know Lost Aadhar Card Number?

We warmly welcome all Aadhaar card holders who have lost their cards. In this article, you will learn in detail how to determine a person’s lost Aadhaar card number.

In order for each of you to receive your Aadhaar card as quickly as possible, we will provide information regarding the complete online and offline process.

How Do I Find a Lost Aadhaar Card Number? and How Do I Remove an Aadhaar Card from a Mobile Number are all covered in detail in this article. How can I delete my fingerprint from my Aadhaar card?

What should I do if I lose my Aadhaar card? Know your Aadhaar card number by name? Aadhaar card is lost; I can’t remember the number. will offer full information.

The last step is for all of our Aadhaar card lost readers whose mobile number was associated with their Aadhaar card to immediately obtain their Aadhaar card by going to this website:

Way to find your Lost Aadhar Card ID Number

Call the UIDAI customer service line at Call us at 1947 and connect the call in any way, then explain your situation by saying something like, “Sir, my Aadhaar card has been lost and we do not know our Aadhaar card number.”

The customer must next provide information such as their name, their parents’ names, their full address, and their Aadhaar card number.

Can Someone Misuse My Lost Aadhar Card?

No one may use your Aadhaar card unfairly or do you harm if it is lost. If no one can access any government or private organization or service without using your Aadhaar without an online OTP or fingerprint authentication.

As a result, unless you provide your Aadhaar OTP, fingerprint, or iris, no one else can use your Aadhaar for online authentication.

The Aadhaar card is useless in this regard. You can lock or block your Aadhaar online through the uidai website if you desire to do so for a set amount of time.


In this article, We have talked about lost Identity cards and what to do in that situation. How do you find the ID number on your lost Aadhar card? so that each and every one of you can quickly obtain your Aadhaar card and profit from it.

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